Sun’s out Gun’s out Or Avoid injury this summer


The beginning of summer often compels people to kick start their get fit campaign, or in some people ramp up their fitness routine, whether it’s the warmer weather or the extra daylight, or the intention to shed a few kilos before putting a cossie on again, most people find themselves getting more active.

Unfortunately, this extra activity often leads to an influx of patients limping through the podiatry clinic door, so to help reduce your risk of injury this summer there are a few basic steps you should consider before embarking on a get fit program.

Firstly and possibly most importantly look at the equipment you will be using, mostly your footwear. Running shoes should not just look good but suit your foot type and biomechanics, unfortunately choosing the most appropriate shoe can be confusing, I strong recommend seeing a podiatrist to determine what foot type you have and give you footwear advice, alternatively some specialist running shoe stores can offer great advice. It may also be time to update or review any orthotic device you may have.

Start slowly and stretch before and after activity, this may seam like obvious advice but human nature is fickle, and in the rush to get fit and healthy people often go too hard too early, resulting in injury. Seeing an exercise physiologist or Physiotherapist may be beneficial.

Setting realistic goals is important, consider your body type, any previous injuries or chronic health issues you may have before attempting to run your first marathon, it may be worth having a full
physical from your doctor before starting.

And finally choose an activity that you think you will enjoy, studies have shown that you are less likely to continue exercising if it’s not fun. Hope I see you on the beach, and not in the clinic!

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