Soft Foam Roller For A Rejuvenating Recovery

Do you work hard at your gym or do heavy physical activities? Do you feel the need of getting a massage to relax your muscles and tissues for fast recovery? Then Realign Performance’s foam roller is there for you.

At Realign Performance, we present a superior range of easy-to-use foam rollers that can bring your muscles back to regular form even after a tough sweating session at the gym or any other activities that require high physical energy.

Therefore, you can browse our product range to choose the premium quality foam roller at the most reasonable price in Australia, New Zealand and the international market.

Perfect Recovery Option For Everyone

After serving the industry for long years now, we understand that your muscles may tear after a workout, and you may feel pain throughout your body. Even with aging, people may lose elasticity in their connective tissues and joints, resulting in pain even after doing a regular job like walking and climbing stairs.

So, we have designed foam rollers keeping your recovery needs and comfort in mind. We know that a proper massage can help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, and there can’t be any better self-massage options than our soft foam rollers.

Similarly, if you love to hit your gym regularly, prefer running or doing other exciting physical activities, you will surely get recovery benefits from using our foam rollers. It helps you apply the required pressure at specific points on your body. The pressure makes your muscle tissues healthier and increases elasticity offering you great relief from pain.

You may feel minor pain or discomfort while putting pressure using a foam roller, but it will not be unbearable. We can ensure that the relief you get after using our product is so great that you can’t say no to this little pain.

Grab It To Get Many Health Benefits

Our soft foam roller restores your normal blood flow and function apart from giving relief from pain. It breaks up a specific trigger point in your body to offer you optimum comfort after strenuous physical activity.

In addition, our foam rollers provide an inexpensive form of recovery option. We use high-quality materials to design and manufacture our rollers that make them highly durable. Apart from providing an excellent way for stretching, relieving, and strengthening your muscles, they are easy to carry anywhere with you.

Moreover, our foam rollers are available in different sizes and colours to suit your preference and spending plan.

Buy Your Foam Rollers on Realign Performance

Realign Performance brings you several kinds of foam rollers to suit different requirements and budgets. Hence, whether you prefer to exercise at home or hit the gym, you can rely on our highly effective products to get the best out of your workouts.

Our foam rollers come with neatly layered foams that make them comfortable and easy to use. If you want muscle flexibility and instant pain relief after your workout session, you can’t avoid using quality soft foam rollers available on Realign Performance.

Place An Order

If you want to know more about our product ranges before making a purchasing decision, call us on (612) 9668 8084. In addition, you can make use of our contact us form to inform us about your requirement. Then, our expert will contact you to discuss it in detail.


Why do you design softer foam rollers?
Our soft density version of foam rollers are designed for those who find regular foam rollers too aggressive to use. The soft version gives you a gentler touch, and it allows you to apply the required pressure on the targeted areas of your muscles. In addition, if you are a beginner and using a roller for the first time, then this softer version is for you. You can call us to discuss more on this softer version of a foam roller.
Can foam rollers be harmful?
If you experience general muscle pain or stiffness after regular exercise or other physical activities, you can easily use foam rollers. It’s safe for you. But in case of severe injury or muscle tear, we recommend you first consult your doctor or a physical therapist. He will better understand your condition better. Then, if he considers you suitable to use the roller, you can use it.
Does the size of a foam roller matter?
If you want a targeted approach, you can choose a roller of size ranging from 3 inches to 4 inches or 7.6 cm to 10.2 cm in diameter. Most foam rollers come with a diameter of 6 inches or 15 cm in size.
However, a roller with a smaller diameter can target specific parts of your body more appropriately. For example, using a thinner foam roller can target your shoulder muscles better than a roller with a larger diameter. However, you can take the help or advice of our expert while choosing a roller for you.
Is it normal to sore after using a foam roller?
If you experience unusual soreness after the day of foam rolling, it may be possible that you have foam rolled too aggressively or too long. You must make sure that you are not using your foam roller on particular body parts longer than two minutes. You can set a timer to avoid overusing your roller on a specific muscle part.

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