Sever’s disease


All of a sudden your active child has began to limp, toe walk and complain of heel pain especially after sport, if that’s the case its more than likely that your child has Sever’s disease.

Sever’s Disease is a very common heel condition that can result in active kids opting out of sport and even struggling to walk freely, it usually happens in early puberty as bones can grow faster than the muscles and tendons. As a result, tendons and muscle become tight pulling on the back of the heel and irritating the growth plate.

Sever’s disease is most common in active girls 8-12 yrs of age and active boys 10-14 yrs of age. It is usually diagnosed by it’s symptoms and physical examination by the Podiatrist/Doctor, often squeezing the back of the heel will elicit pain.

Treating Sever’s

Firstly, reduction or stopping all weight bearing/ running type of activities is advised, icing the area may also help reduce pain and swelling. If your child has high arches, flat feet or bowed legs, your
podiatrist may recommend orthotics and or a heel lift, this will reduce load and traction on the heel. A stretching program should be implemented early.

With good early conservative treatment most children get back to full activity quickly, with no long term problem.

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