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Yes, all Rebel Sports stores in SA are stockist of the products, nationally or most independent sports stores offer most of the range as well.
Thanks for the notification. All Rebel Sports stores in NSW are stockists of our products. Alternatively, most independent sports stores are also options for you except for The Athletes Foot.
We sell over 250,000 laces per year and in very few cases we have some returns. Whilst we regret there are some faulty pairs from time to time in most instances we will replace the laces. Just send a photo of the damaged pair and we will oblige with a replacement.
Great question given the hardness of the grounds and shoes with the lack of rain. Your 2 best options are the Realign Shoxx and Xcelerator. These can be purchased from Rebel Sport stores throughout Australia and most independent sport stores.
The kids size 4 equates to a unisex size X-Small which is a US 5-6 in the Realign sizing scale. Our packaging is open end, so feel free to give it a go.
Our distributor for NZ is Global Footcare NZ. There details are on the Contact Us page on the web site.

Realign innersoles can be purchased from many leading sports stores. A list of some of these retailers are available on the stockists section of the web site. Alternatively, you can contact our Australian (F1 Agencies) or New Zealand (J.H. Wilton) distributors to find out a retailer near you. You can also request your local sports retailer to order the innersoles on your behalf.

Heel pain is common and can become quite debilitating. It may be the onset of plantar fasciitis or a heel spur. You can refer to the information sheet provided on the injury prevention web page for more specific detail on the various conditions, in particular heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. If the pain is specific to the heel region then the Realign Recovery Gel Heel Cups may be the best option but if you have pain in the arches of the feet or feel as though your arches are quite low, then the Realign Advantage may be the best option. The use of the Realign Arch Roller may also assist in relieving some of the pain that you been experiencing. Failing this, your best option is to consult a local Podiatrist for a detailed assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

The numb sensation in your heels can be one of many conditions. I initially must suggest you consult a suitably qualified Podiatrist or your family Physician for a detailed assessment and accurate diagnosis. They may consider referring you for a series of diagnostic tests to ascertain the diagnosis.

My first response is to double check the size you were provided and ensure it fits appropriately to your foot and footwear. Ensure the innersole is not too narrow/wide, short or too long for your foot as an incorrect fit may hinder the innersole from supporting the correct foot contours and getting more comfortable. It is however not unusual for an innersole to be uncomfortable at first, especially one with a moderate arch profile such as the Advantage. The arch over time will compress slightly (but not entirely flatten) over time and mould to your foot to a degree but the purpose of this moderate arch profile is in part to provide optimum arch support. A bit like a new pair of shoes. What foot type do you have? What foot problems do you experience? The salesperson should be able to help you. If you require an innersole with a lower arch profile the Shoxx is a good alternative. The wearing instructions on the side of the box can be referred to as a guide and may help you. Discomfort is one thing, but pain is another. Finding the innersole uncomfortable but supportive is not always a problem. If you continue to find the innersole uncomfortable you may require a more thorough assessment of your feet and lower limb biomechanics by a Podiatrist. They can advise you on your options. In many cases, people require custom innersoles or orthotics that are manufactured from an individual cast/scan of your feet and manufactured accordingly. An over the counter innersole is not the solution for everybody but offers a very good and cost effective option for many. Realign offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with the product, so don’t hesitate to return them to the store of purchase with a receipt to obtain your money back if you remain dissatisfied.

If you are currently seeing a Podiatrist for your prescription orthotics, they may be able to adjust them to assist your ball of foot pain and blistering. If not, the Realign Netball Hot Spot is a suitable innersole to cushion, support and reduce friction that may be the cause of your blistering. Please be advised that a Realign is not a substitute for a prescription orthotic but may play a vital role in comfort and injury prevention. Please remember to remove your inner shoe insole when fitting the Realign netball hot spot.

On the limited information you have provided I would suggest wearing the Realign Advantage innersole. It offers the most medial arch support and foot stabilisation by virtue of its design and thermoplastic stabiliser. You may want to have your foot type identified and a review done of your footwear. If pain persists, it may be worthwhile consulting a Physiotherapist or Podiatrist for a diagnosis. Thanks for your enquiry.

Good to hear you have purchased the Advantage innersole. You can wear them in a range of footwear as long as they have the same fitting profile (for length). If you wear them on a daily basis and have many shoes, it may be a good option to buy an additional pair.

Sounds like a frustrating problem. Based on the information you have provided it would seem that you are not adapting to the wearing of steel toe cap footwear. It would appear they are either too tight (constrictive) in the toe box region and therefore contributing to additional pressure on the balls of your feet. The barefoot gel innersoles are a good off the shelf option but you may be better served consulting a Podiatrist for a specialist biomechanical foot assessment. They may be able to recommend a more suitable boot or manufacture a prescription foot orthotic for your boots. Good luck.

Unfortunately we do not provide any specific medical advice on the website. It does however sound as though you have the beginnings of achilles tendonitis, based on the information you have provided. If the pain is worsening I suggest you consult a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist for an assessment and accurate diagnosis. As far as innersoles are concerned I would be recommending the Realign Advantage with maximum support for sports shoes or the Realign Shoxx for mild support if your footwear lacks internal depth or your foot type is not conducive to a higher arch profile. Thanks for your question.

In regards to the dance aerobics, what footwear do you wear? Are they the Reebok Princess or similar. Do they have a removable innersole in them? Sound like you have a good understanding and knowledge of your foot morphology and biomechanics. As for a suitable product I would try the Realign Shoxx which offer a mild arch support, gel strike zone and pressure zone and will not be too bulky for your running shoes. They are also fabricated from polyurethane which is a superior replacement to your Mizuno Inspire EVA insoles. The higher arch in the Advantage is not required and the thicker construction of the Netball Hot Spot may be a problem although is technically appropriate. I hope this helps.

To clean them, hand wash the gel heel cups with ‘Lukewarm soapy water and touch dry with a towel. Do not put them in the washing machine or dryer. After cleaning, put a small amount of baby powder or similar to ensure material integrity and comfort when placing them back in the shoes.

On the information that you have provided the most appropriate innersole in the Realign range is the Advantage. This will offer a higher medial arch support and TPU stabiliser. The will help reduce the rolling inwards of the feet in combination with you basketball shoes. Please remember to remove the insole from the basketball shoes before you implement the advantage innersole.

Cutting the arch area is not usually recommended as it may expose a sticky gel and feel tacky against your foot/sock. Given the gel is soft and accommodative. I suggest you persevere with it for a few weeks before attempting to cut it. Also remember to remove any innersoles from your existing footwear to prevent doubling up on internal shoe support which may also affect barefoot gel fit and comfort. I hope this helps.

You have a few options here. If the pain is located on the back or bottom of the heel you can trial the Realign Recovery Gel Heel Cups. If the pain is more foot specific (arch) then the Realign Advantage KIDS is a good option. This would address some of the foot pronation as well unload the achilles and posterior insertion into the heel. Depending on the brand/style of football boots, you would most likely need to remove the insole that comes standard with the boots to obtain best fit. Thanks for your enquiry. If you send me some more information, I may be able to provide you with more detail.

The most suitable innersole (based on the information you have provided) is definitely the Shoxx. It offers fitment features to adequately be accommodated in the boots and the street shoes you will be wearing. The Advantage innersole may be too bulky and the Barefoot gel a little too flat and slippery. The Barefoot gel innersole does not offer a breathable top cover, which I recommend in the street shoes and boots if your foot becomes hot and sweaty.

As a qualified Podiatrist it is very common to see children with Severes disease. It usually affects boys between 8-14 years of age. It is associated with growth, physical activity and often poor foot biomechanics and/or footwear. Without knowing the specifics of your son’s foot problem (biomechanics) the use of a sorbothane heel reel raises is to assist in reducing achilles tendon pull (traction) from its insertion into the back of the heel. A Realign alternative is the Recovery gel heel cups as they will not only raise the heel but provide additional cushioning and protection to the rim of the heel bone itself. Additionally, the Realign Advantage KIDS will do something similar but also provide a greater arch support to your son’s foot on load bearing. I hope this answers your question but if the pain persists a review by your GP and possible referral to a Podiatrist may also be a good option if his symptoms do not settle over the next 8-10 weeks. Also ask your doctor about some calf stretches for your son.

We only supply this in an aerosol can. As for our manufacturer, the formulae that we developed only work for aerosol. You may need a water based version that is available from the USA.

The problem you report can be one of many things but
most likely related to your foot position/mechanics when running. In particular,
the contours of your transverse arch (ball of your foot). If you have prominent
metatarsals or reduced fat pad on the balls of your feet these may become
irritated from pressure when contacting the ground. This can cause a shearing
or burning type pain or even localized inflammation. It can be one or both feet
in some instances.

Trial a different sock; the Thorlo Experia and a Realign Shoxx innersole
at first. If this helps well job done, if the problem continues may be worth
reviewing your current footwear (in relation to age and suitability for your
feet). If after all this and the problem is still evident, may be worth
consulting a Podiatrist for a biomechanical assessment.

Based on the information you have provided it does sound a lot like insertional plantar
fasciitis. The most appropriate innersole is the Advantage Lite. Please ensure you have removed the insole from your playing boots before replacing with the new. Also, the Realign arch roller may be a good option to purchase as well. This was designed for the very problem you may have. 

If the pain continues, may be best to consult a Podiatrist in your area.

In considering your question, the best option would be
to consider the Football Pro or Advantage Lite innersole. Support in the arch
area is far more important than cushioning underfoot when it comes to shin pain. 

The Barefoot Gel would fail in this area. In addition, the Barefoot Gel will
not offer sufficient abrasive resistance for starting and stopping and rapid
changes in direction as occurs with soccer. They would wear out too quickly.

Refunds can be made at the store of purchase with a receipt within 30 days of the product purchase. There does not have to be a reason for the refund. If you are not satisfied as long as it is within the 30 days you are entitled to a refund.

From what have stated it seems as though you may have
suffered a high ankle sprain or syndesmosis. This needs to be diagnosed correctly and treated accordingly to prevent re-occurrence or further damage. Based on the information you have provided, I suggest you have an assessment by a Physiotherapist or Sports Medicine Physician prior to purchasing any innersoles. This way you can ensure the diagnosis is correct and any treatment is likely to help rather than hinder your performance. 

Ice at this stage may not help and realignment is an option but not the preferred one until an accurate diagnosis is made.

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