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Are you suffering from plantar fasciitis and need proper support for your foot? Plantar fasciitis is an issue that results from the inflammation of the thick band of tissue across the bottom of your foot. It causes a stabbing pain near your heel that may become worse in the morning. However, plantar fasciitis can increase in intensity without proper foot support or cushioning in your footwear.

Hence, Realign Performance has economically designed an excellent range of performance innersoles keeping your foot issues in mind. It gives your foot the right cushioning and support it requires for proper functioning.

We use high-quality, medical-grade foams to manufacture performance innersoles. As a result, they can absorb maximum shock to reduce muscle fatigue in your feet and deliver complete relief from plantar fasciitis.

Moreover, the excellent arch support system and heel cup offer additional support and stability while running, walking, hiking or other activities. In addition, the non-slip heel holds the innersoles in place to avoid sliding around and causing foot blisters.

They can fit in almost all types of shoes, including your work boots and hiking shoes, and give enough space to accommodate your toe comfortably. In addition, the reasonable price tag allows you to buy multiple pairs and put them in all your different pairs of shoes.

Performance Innersoles – Our Main Attraction!

Our performance innersoles act as a cushioned orthotic insole that provides support and relief to all foot types – high arch, low arch, normal arch, or flat feet. They correct your body alignment and can minimise the risk associated with arch pain. In addition, the shock-absorbing property can cradle your feet to reduce pressure during everyday activity.

Some of the reasons why people love to buy our insoles are:

Help Athletes Win

We have introduced world-class Insoles for those athletes who want to improve their performance level, protect the injury, and desire speedy recovery. Our insoles are extremely popular among our customers because they are specially designed for energy return, improved athletic performances and unsurpassed stability, support, and shock absorption.

Hence, whether you are an old athlete who wants to stay in shape and reduce pains or an elite performer looking to achieve your best, our performance innersoles are there for you.

Improve Performance

Our insoles deliver measurable energy returns that increase ground force. They are proven products that help athletes jump higher and run faster without worrying about muscle pain or tissue injury.

Proven Injury Protection

Shock absorbing property of our product offer a smoother ride, like jumping, running and walking. In addition, it ensures fewer foot and toe injuries and lower leg injuries because of its improved support system, increased stability, and active shock absorption features.

Proven Injury Recovery

We boast of our innovative product that has helped numerous athletes to recover fast from injuries like shin splints, turf toe, stress fractures, and ankle sprains. Moreover, they are the best plantar fasciitis innersoles you can ever buy in the international and Australian markets. Physical therapists, podiatrists, or sports professionals worldwide use our performance insoles to help athletes or sportspeople get back to their activities with a speedy recovery.

Choose Realign Performance

Proudly made in Australia, Realign Performance provides a 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product quality or efficiency. Customised by your arch shape and specific need, our performance insoles are the best innersoles Australia can ever offer you.

Order Now

If you want to know more or have any enquiries regarding our insoles or delivery service, call us on (612) 9668 8084. In addition, you can use our contact us form to inform us about your requirement. Then, our expert will contact you to discuss it in detail.


Do your performance innersoles effectively work for plantar fasciitis?
Our performance insoles are orthotics that help restore optimal foot performance and health. It relieves stress on the plantar fascia and reduces discomfort and pain with time. In addition, it provides a cost-effective treatment option for plantar fasciitis. You can contact us to discuss and help choose the most suitable insoles that fit your requirement and can effectively treat foot deformities and discomfort.
How long shall I need to wear insoles for plantar fasciitis?
Generally, your body takes two to four weeks to become accustomed to any orthotics. It means that you will have to wear insoles regularly to protect your feet or recover them from plantar fasciitis. Call us to find out what will be the exact duration in your case.
Should I limit walking to recover my foot from plantar fasciitis?
Continuous walking may inflame the plantar fascia leading to the extension of the treatment period. However, it is not only walking that is responsible for inflaming your ligament. If you don’t wear the right innersoles or exert yourself too much, it can also increase inflammation. Hence, it will be of great help if you limit your walking and give your feet adequate rest to recover faster.
Can I jump higher with performance insoles?
Our performance Insole is the high-performance treatment tool designed to restore energy, speed, and agility. They are of great help to sportspeople, athletes, or any other person engaged in strenuous physical activities. In addition, its scientifically proven designs and mechanisms help you to jump higher, run faster. and take your actions to the next level.

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